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We have ensured all the important aspects of running your pharmacy are streamlined. After all, an efficient pharmacy means better patient care and increased profitability.

Record - Review - React

We Are Pharmamanager

How it Started

Like all projects, Pharmamanager started as an idea. Looking at the existing pharmacy management tools on the market, we knew we could do better. We set out to create the ultimate platform – one that centralised a vast array of useful features to make managing pharmacy a simpler task.

Pharmacy management is a complicated job involving an immense amount of multitasking. But in the modern age, it doesn’t have to be stressful. We saw the potential of condensing your pharmacy management tasks into a single accessible cloud-based dashboard.

What Is Pharmamanager?

The Future Of Pharmacy Management Is Here

Ever felt overwhelmed when tracking prescription data? Have you felt yourself drowning in a sea of sales figures? Is staying up-to-date with regulatory requirements keeping you distracted from growing your business? Pharmamanager is here to help.

Pharmamanager is a cloud-based dashboard designed to be a centralised access point for all your pharmacy management needs. We understand how demanding it is to manage pharmacy, which is why we’ve designed five modules to help ease the most laborious parts of the job, leaving you to focus on how to innovate and grow your business.

Our Team

The People Behind Pharmamanager

Pharmamanager is run by a hard-working team of pharmacy and technical professionals:

Mandeep Sandhu

Co-Founder / Pharmacy Owner

Vimal Patel

Co-Founder / Pharmacy Owner

Karan Prajapati


Record - Review - React

Three Core Principles

Each module is built around three core principles: Record, Review, and React. These three Rs cut through the complicated sea of data and shape it into a more accessible and useful form. It’s simple:

Through this lens, each module has the capacity to reveal key potential for innovation in your business, all while saving you valuable time and energy.

These principles encourage constant adaptation and improvement. The insights our platform provides will help your pharmacy grow and evolve over time. After all, clean data leads to better decision-making.

Record Your Data Accurately

Ensure your data is securely documented

React Proactively

Make informed business decisions

Review It Regularly

Identify trends and patterns in your data


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