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Module Overview

Meeting your regulatory requirements is a vital part of pharmacy management. Yet despite how often it seems to come around, it never seems to get easier. Let Compliancemanager help.

Get to grips with your Pharmacy Compliance.

Introducing Compliance Manager

We built Compliancemanager from the ground up around NHS / GPhC requirements to ensure your pharmacy stays above board at all times. We understand how important these regulatory checks are, so we’re delighted to take the stress away by centralising the data and supplying useful tools to streamline the process.

Compliance Manager

Feature Breakdown

Compliancemanager is split into several mini modules to assist you with each part of the regulatory process.
  • RP log

Ensure your pharmacy is continuing to operate legally, with audit tools in place to assist with Responsible Pharmacist Regulations

  • Fridge Logs

Record and audit daily fridge logs to ensure temperature and efficiency is acceptable

  • Risk Assessment

Implement risk assessments for each pharmacy service and store them for reviewing at your convenience

  • Date Checking

Run timely date checks on stocks that are short-dated to ensure your pharmacy does not stock out-of-date items. Enter a custom timeframe to receive a notification when stocks are nearing expiry

  • Cleaning Log

Log and review entries to maintain your pharmacy’s sanitation standards

  • Near miss

Record your near misses and use our improvement tool to review how these errors occurred and how to prevent them in the future

  • Dispensing incidents & patient safety

Report incidents regarding dispensing and patient safety to keep in line with regulatory requirements

  • Log Everything 

Sections to log and review complaints, signposting, team meetings and staff suggestions to improve your pharmacy operations

Compliance Manager

Meet Your Requirements

Our Review tools are especially handy in making sure you stay up-to-date with your pharmacy compliance. Automatic reminders ensure you won’t miss important information regarding how your pharmacy is performing in relation to NHS / GPhC requirements. Plus, our handy pre-formatted templates make regulatory compliance a breeze.

After interpreting and analysing your data, you can use these insights to guide the future of your business. This is what we call the final R: React. By letting Pharmamanager pick up the slack of handling your pharmacy data, you are free to focus on the bigger picture.

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Compliance Manager

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