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Module Overview

Managing personnel is just as important as managing patients, medications and counter sales – as a streamlined workforce makes for a streamlined pharmacy.

Get to grips with your Pharmacy's HR.

Introducing HRmanager

That’s why we built HRmanager, a personnel management module designed around easy accessibility of important HR information. This can help you to manage, motivate and train your staff to be the best they can, leading to a safer and more profitable business.

HR Manager

Employee Data Simplified

Having all your employee data centralised means fewer unfortunate surprises down the road. Stay in sync with your team to stay in sync with your business.

This module is designed to create a bridge between your employees and your business. For example, staff can access a portal through which they can book holidays, await approval, and these will then appear on a staff rota. This allows you to maintain an adequate workforce to ensure minimal or no business interruptions. Data logged by staff confidentially (e.g. grievances) is also viewable by owners on the central dashboard.

HRmanager Record

Leave Requests

Training assessments




Disciplinary reports

Sickness reports

HR Manager

Make Informed Decisions

Reviewing this information is easy. By displaying this data across our simple central dashboard, you can interpret it with ease and use these insights to plan better the future of your business. This structure – Record, Review, React – is embedded in each module to ensure they are all simply to understand and accessible to use.

After interpreting and analysing your data, you can use these insights to guide the future of your business. This is what we call the final R: React. By letting Pharmamanager pick up the slack of handling your pharmacy data, you are free to focus on the bigger picture.

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HR Manager

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