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Module Overview

The MyDocs module within our PharmaManager is your ultimate SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) management toolkit.


SOP Management

Designed to simplify and streamline the entire SOP lifecycle, it empowers pharmaceutical organizations to create, manage, and monitor SOPs effortlessly. From bulk SOP creation to tracking sign-offs, generating alerts, maintaining clear audit trails, and supporting version control, MyDocs is the trusted solution for ensuring compliance, enhancing efficiency, and promoting seamless collaboration across teams.


Feature Breakdown

MyDocs revolutionises SOP management with its comprehensive suite of tools. From bulk SOP creation to precise read and sign tracking, automated alerts, and version control, it’s your one-stop solution for SOP compliance. Maintain transparency through clear audit trails, effortlessly share documents with your team, and even assign SOPs to positions for seamless implementation. With MyDocs, you can simplify your SOP management process, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure that your pharmaceutical operations are always in regulatory compliance

MyDocs SOP Management

MyDocs offers a comprehensive array of features, including:

Bulk SOP Creation

Efficiently create SOPs in bulk, saving time and ensuring consistency in document formatting and content.

Read and Sign Tracking

Monitor who has read and signed each SOP, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and organizational standards.

Alerts and Reminders

Receive automated alerts when SOPs are due for review or when actions are required, helping you stay proactive and up-to-date.

Clear Audit Trails

Maintain detailed audit trails for each SOP, providing a transparent record of document history and changes.

Share with Locums and Team Members

Easily share SOPs with locums, team members, and designated stakeholders, promoting collaboration and accessibility.

Version Control

Keep track of different versions of SOPs, ensuring that the most current version is always available and in use.

Position-Based Assignment

Assign SOPs to positions within the organization, streamlining compliance and ensuring that the right personnel have access to the right documents.


Simplify Your SOP Management

MyDocs simplifies SOP management by centralizing document creation, sign-off tracking, and version control. With robust features that support compliance and collaboration, you can ensure that your pharmaceutical organization is always operating at its best, adhering to industry standards, and maintaining airtight documentation practices.

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