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Module Overview

The MyHub module within our SAAS PharmaManager is your comprehensive project management solution for effortlessly creating tasks, assigning them to staff, and closely monitoring progress.


Project and Task Management

Tailored to the unique needs of pharmaceutical organizations, this module proves especially valuable for managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training initiatives. Whether it’s compliance, workflow optimization, or staff development, MyHub simplifies the way you handle projects and ensures seamless collaboration across your team.


Feature Breakdown

MyHub is your all-in-one project management solution, offering intuitive task creation, efficient staff assignment, and real-time progress tracking. Its specialized functionalities for managing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and training programs make it the ideal choice for pharmaceutical organizations. With MyHub, you can centralize project coordination, ensuring compliance and skill development are seamlessly integrated into your workflow.

MyHub features

MyHub offers a rich set of features, including:

Task Creation

Effortlessly create tasks with detailed descriptions, deadlines, and priority levels, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Staff Assignment

Assign tasks to specific team members, streamlining task delegation and responsibilities.

Progress Tracking

Monitor task progress in real-time, keeping everyone on the same page and enabling quick adjustments when necessary.

SOP Management

Easily manage and access Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure compliance and standardization in pharmaceutical processes.

Training Management

Track employee training progress and requirements, ensuring staff members stay up-to-date with industry regulations and best practices.


Simplify Your Project Management

Experience the power of efficient project management with MyHub. From SOP compliance to staff training, our module simplifies complex workflows, making it easier than ever to meet your pharmaceutical organization’s goals. Say goodbye to manual tracking and coordination headaches, and say hello to a streamlined, collaborative approach to project management.

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