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Module Overview

The NMS (New Medicine Service) module within our PharmaManager provides a straightforward solution for logging NMS patients and setting up automatic follow-up reminders.


New Medicine Service

Designed for simplicity and efficiency, this module ensures that healthcare professionals can easily keep track of NMS patients and schedule timely follow-ups to enhance medication adherence and patient care.


Feature Breakdown

Our NMS module offers an uncomplicated solution for patient management and follow-up. With easy patient logging and automated follow-up reminders, you can efficiently stay on top of NMS patient care. This streamlined approach ensures that your healthcare professionals can focus on what matters most – providing excellent care and improving medication adherence for patients with long-term conditions.

NMS Record

This module offers essential features for NMS management, including:

Patient Logging

Quickly and easily log NMS patients, creating a centralized database for efficient tracking.

Follow-Up Reminders

Set up automated reminders for follow-up appointments with NMS patients, promoting medication adherence and timely care.


Streamline Your NMS Management

With our NMS module, managing New Medicine Service patients is a breeze. Simplify your workflow by logging patients and receiving automatic reminders for follow-ups. Ensure that your team stays organized and provides the best possible care to NMS patients with this user-friendly tool.

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