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Managing your pharmacy-related spend can be a hassle. Ever found yourself drowning in a sea of numbers? Let Pharmamanager be your life raft.

Get a handle on your Pharmacy spending.

Introducing Spendmanager

Spendmanager is designed to assist you with your pharmacy-related spend. As an owner, you can see a snapshot view of your data displayed across a central dashboard. Track your KPI data and filter it by time to gain full control over your spend information.

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Credit Tracking

We understand the hassle of credit tracking is a burden to pharmacy owners everywhere. No matter how efficiently you manage your pharmacy, there are always outstanding credits to deal with. It seems impossible to avoid, but we can help you take back control.

Log all your outstanding credits, including product name, supplier info, why the credit was raised, and more. Receive timely reminders if credits have not been removed off the log, prompting you to check if they have been received and simply not reconciled by your team, or if the supplier has not yet actioned it. Isn’t it a relief to have all the info you need available at a single glance?

Spend Manager

Improved Accountability

Holding suppliers accountable for their performance has never been so easy. Using the comprehensive logging features in Spendmanager, you can assess all your suppliers’ performance over any given period to see how often they send short dated, damaged, delayed or over priced stock. With Spendmanager, you won’t need to second-guess your supplier performance ever again. Providing them with an audited summary will lead to better service from them. 

After interpreting and analysing your data, you can react to these insights to guide the future of your business. By letting Pharmamanager pick up the slack of handling your pharmacy data, you are free to focus on the bigger picture.

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